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Chain of Evidence

The Lesser Sin

W. Stuart
I wanted to read a gritty crime novel just to give myself a break. As advertised, Chain of Evidence by D. B. Corey was gritty, disturbing, and an entertaining read! If you enjoy crime thrillers, this is a book for you!
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MJ LaBeff
If you like crime fiction, heart-pounding suspense, a thriller that’ll keep you guessing until the surprise twist at the very end, and compelling prose that’ll keep you reading late into the night- then you won’t want to miss Chain of Evidence. 
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If I could give it 6-stars, I would! Carefully crafted descriptions, key adjectives steadily woven in and sometimes blatant illustrations elevate the character making him/her real. D.B. Corey does this and more.
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MD Novelist
His crime thriller was so accurately written I had a suspicion that he was actually a medical examiner or a homicide detective in his earlier life.
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John C. 
Impressive first work from an author who will hopefully publish more novels in the future. 
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Amazon Customer – Diana Strine
You don't have to decide whether this is going to be a good book, you just know! DB Corey has the talent to easily become ranked with such authors as James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Robin Cook.
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Robert Orr
I found myself saying one more chapter. Before I knew it, one more chapter ended up being six. 
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DRB Manou
You are guaranteed a remarkable journey with this bright, talented new mystery writer who writes like a pro. D.B. Corey never falters. There are no wrinkles in his story. It moves along building momentum, shifting deftly from the perspective of the detective and perpetrator from chapter to chapter--a modus operandi that demonstrates this writer's skilled story-telling capabilities.
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Rob Walker
As a first novel, I have to admire the skill level and the finesse with language Corey commands. Stylistically, this is an excellent novel, and the dialogue is smart and does what dialogue should do.
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Mystery Author - Marni Graff 
When the end hits with a wallop, there will be one more twist that will surprise readers.
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Majestic Burroughs
Not your run of the mill case, but amind bending smart grotesque individual committing senseless selfish murders
AAMBC Book Reviews

Overall ~ a compelling read that kept me up until after midnight to reach the conclusion. It's hard to believe this is a debut novel because the work was polished 
error free
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Linda Strong
This book ticks off all the boxes I look for in a mystery. The premise is deliciously enticing ...making it hard to put the book down for any reason.
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Bryan Nowak
I love a deeply conflicted and morally ambiguous hero. One who you know you shouldn’t really root for, but can’t help yourself. D.B. Corey gives us one such hero in the form of Hanna Braver. A sniper who forged her warrior prowess in the fields of Afghanistan, only to return to a pretty screwed up world, which sees the torture and death of her sister.
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Kimberly Proctor
I read D.B. Corey's Chain of Evidence and couldn't wait to get my hands on his newest book The Lesser Sin. I must say I was not disappointed. I had another page-turner on my hands.
Hanna is a great character and I found myself cheering her on to find her sister’s killer.
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Richard D. Provost
You know you have a good book when you keep reading even though you're late for another commitment.
I'm looking forward to Corey's third book, which if he keeps on the same trajectory as he did from #1 to #2, should put his name on the shelf right between Clancy and Cussler.
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Margaret Keating
Could Not Put this book down, so my days of getting anything else done became completely irrelevant until I had finished "The Lesser Sin.”
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This is a riveting story of good vs evil ... making choices ... living with the consequences of your own actions. The book is extremely well written.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. D.B. Corey is now on my advance order list.

Each page gave new twists to the story of Hanna, who wanted justice for the torture and murder of her sister. As she murdered depraved criminals, you cheered her on.

Hanna wants to kill a criminal - her sister's murderer who has been wrongly set free. The Lesser Sin is a very good book on many levels. As with Chain of Evidence, D. B. Corey's previous book, The Lesser Sin has the great writing that draws you into the story.

… a book that was at the same time captivating yet disturbing, violent yet compassionate. DB Corey’s The Lesser Sin kept me up at night….
The character development in this novel is outstanding and Corey’s writing can easily be compared with that of John Sanford, Michel Connelly and even Patricia Cornwell.

… will have you asking yourself many profound questions, some of which you may never have a concrete answer!

The tension and conflicts started on page one, yet Corey manages to weave an entertaining and engaging story throughout all of its pages without letting up. 

Jessica Bronder
I really loved this book. It makes you think about the injustice of the world, vigilante justice, and how important a belief system can be for a person.  
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